History of Cirque Normandie

  • The Founders of Cirque Normandie are Ed Meredith & Tolly Mack. Today they run the company together with Tolly’s sister, Nina. Tolly and Nina Mack are seventh generation artistes from a circus dynasty, related on their mother’s side to almost every French circus family. Cirque Normandie’s French base is the beautiful Normandy region, famous for its apples and calvados.
  • In 2006 after an 18 month period of planning and research, Cirque Normandie decided to visit England to offer their French touring circus school experience to the education sector.
  • The enthusiastic reception has resulted in the company returning with expanded tours each year. Initially we worked with primary schools and companies. Cirque Normandie soon branched out and we have now worked in every area of education from Sure Start children’s centres to colleges. Everyone who has worked with Cirque Normandie wants to rebook. Once people visit us they are hooked.
  • For the past two years Cirque Normandie has presented a five-week winter circus season just outside London. The success of this event has resulted in a six-week season this year.
  • Cirque Normandie tours from Easter to Autumn, with week-long residencies and longer projects. Exciting future plans will allow a greater number of children to share the unique learning experience of Cirque Normandie.